One of the many things I’ve learned from working in Real Estate is that if I don’t draw boundaries between my work and personal life, everything starts to feel like work. When I allow myself to “clock out”, I can really enjoy the time I spend recharging my batteries and sink that energy into another lovely day of house-hunting! Here are some helpful baby steps to help you in establishing some work/life balance of your own!


Start Small. Setting small goals that you can accomplish easily will not only get you started off strong but will also make you feel so good! Finish one thing, start another. Don’t set your goals too lofty to begin with-- the bigger goals take time and LOTS of little steps, so start writing a doable list.


Unplug. Make a habit of spending time away from your phone, or at least practice putting it on silent and leaving it alone for at least an hour or two a day. The constant dinging can be an overwhelming disruption, don’t let it get you down! Plan a fun adventure for yourself, like going to Wine & Roses to hang out with the gorgeous parrots or just taking a long walk around your neighborhood. Whatever you do, get out into some fresh air and have some fun!





Change Your Structure. Find the stressful areas of your life and restructure them. It sounds easy, but I promise you it isn't! Still, finding new habits to override the ones you're struggling with is SO worth it. Try taking an annoying chore and approaching it differently. You may find that just a little adjustment could be all you need to transform a task for the better.


Work/life balance is a HUGE priority for me as a Real Estate agent. I give my full, unbridled energy to all of my amazing clients. I couldn’t do that if I didn’t take good care of my passion and I feel so lucky to be able to help people love where they live every day of the week. I hope these little tips help you do big things!


Until next time!


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