Budding scientists blow their minds on Lodi property. At the World of Wonders Science Museum kids of all ages put on their thinking caps and get ready for fun. Energy is high when stepping through the door. Exhilarating exhibits, dynamic displays and special events are expertly designed to stimulate the mind and engage the spirit. Immersed in science kids are learning but may not even know it.

STEM focused exhibits present an array of science, technology, engineering and math minded subjects. The Cranium Corner challenges the mind with brain teasing puzzles. There’s plenty to explore in the Jim Pyers Illumination Lab. Here things get a bit tricky but parents and kids get together to figure them out. Light and shadows mingle on the Shadow Table. Shine a light and discover fiber optics and diffraction, grating and prisms. Interest is sparked on this Lodi property with the Jacobs Ladder and Convection Current exhibits.

Play and Learn Near Lodi Homes

Bubbles are brilliant at keeping kids entertained at the Bubble Table. It’s the meeting of the minds at the Communication Table. Here two participants work together to maneuver identical objects. Simulate the movement of the earth at the Shake Table. Recreate situations similar to earthquakes and watch everything rattle and roll. Things are moving at the Lego Raceway and Wall. Once of the most popular exhibits visitors create their own lego car and step on the gas.

Birthday parties wow one and all. Experiments are front and center with the birthday boy or girl choosing from slime, explosions, monster foam and waddle bots. More information about scheduling the big day can be obtained by calling 209.368.0969. Bring a piece of science back to Lodi homes with a trip to the gift shop. A variety of interesting games, books and toys fill the shelves. Every last Friday of the month patrons can bring a friend in for free. This two for one offer makes treks to the World of Wonders Science Museum affordable for everyone. Open Wednesdays through Mondays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.