Fall has officially arrived in the Central Valley, which means we’re halfway through another gorgeous grape season. For most locals, harvest is a long, late-night life. Work begins in the evening, when the Delta Breeze cools things down a bit, and stretches on until the early morning. My husband, like many other hard-working folks in our area, is scarce to be seen until all the grapes are picked and processed. This is a labor of love for local farmers and we drink to their success year after year! On my side of the coin, the local Real Estate market has been keeping me on my toes--yet another reason to be thankful for wine! A big part of why I began my Real Estate career to help people make big, bold changes and this crisp fall weather is so inspiring!



During this time of year when everyone is working so hard, it's easy to be thankful. Lucky for us, Thanksgiving isn't too far away now. Though the hot days aren't yet over, our mornings and evenings are blissfully chilly. The Central Valley, especially in fall, is such a great place to live. Fall is a busy season for Real Estate, with many folks channeling their inspiration into getting their homes ready for sale before Christmas. I always get the itch to do some moving and shaking around this time of year. If that itch to move has bit you too, please don't hesitate to reach out to me! I'm never ever too busy to help you love where you live (it's my motto, afterall!!). I can't wait to cheers to your success.


Happy Fall, y'all!




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